Creation’s love by Billy Meier

No life is able to exist without love and without the light of truth. However, no light is able to exist without love and truth, and no truth is able to exist without light and love. True love, is true BEING, and it is the everlasting warmth from the centre of Creation, which is described as true existence. Love is the highest principle of Creation, and through it, everything exists in absolute logic.

The love of Creation is everywhere, because without it nothing at all would be able to exist. The individual should therefore be aware that he exists only through the love of Creation and that he carries this love also within himself. Creation created everything in love and logic and put the same love in all its creatures, so that life itself is love. Even if living in this world often seems to consist only of conflict and drudgery, this fact does not change.

Life has become primarily a heavy and tough battle only because people have turned away from Creation and have lost the knowledge of its existence. In undiminished size however, Creation lets its love become apparent nevertheless, through its creations. The person must only be willing to see and recognize this love, and he will begin to feel it. If he opens to the love of Creation and he allows it to flow into himself, he becomes filled with respectful gratitude and great joy.

Each smallest plant, each ever so tiny animal was created in love by Creation, each creation existing according to the same law of love. All life is in the absolute perfection that which it should be through the love of Creation, and except for humans, every life form lives exactly by this Creation’s plan. Only humans have turned away from love and must now learn again what true love is. The infinite love of Creation connects all life, because in all life this love lies hidden.

All of nature in its indescribable splendor is nothing but the love of Creation, which is expressed visibly. Its laws are so wonderfully arranged, that people everywhere come up against its radiating love. If he however, closes his senses, he may not feel it (empfinden), and hence he declares that there is no love in this world. But Creation has formed and arranged everything so wonderfully, so that people can recognize the majestic love of Creation at every moment and in every place.

Of course one cannot easily go there, to contemplate nature and to feel (empfinden) the love of Creation and also one’s own love, especially not when for many years one has felt differently. The way to sense (erfühlen) the love of Creation is primarily through thinking, because thinking influences feeling (Fühlen). If for example, one stands before a tree, one should become fully aware that this tree is the product of Creative love, just as the forces of nature, which enable it to grow and to flourish. This action may seem to be somewhat ridiculous or maybe even embarrassing at the beginning, because it is most unusual and, besides, the appropriate feelings (Gefühle) are still missing.

The longer, the more these thoughts effect loving feelings (Gefühle) and spiritual-fine-sensitive feelings Empfindungen and these in turn will make the bond with all life a certainty, that a simple blade of grass, a bird, a shrub or some other living creature is driven by the same love, to fulfill its purpose in Creation’s plan, as humans should also do as the highest life form on the planet since a long time ago. The human carries a fragment of Creation within, and therefore, the love of Creation within him is that power which he is able to evoke in himself. The more respectfully the love of Creation in all life is perceived and is felt (empfunden), the stronger it also becomes in the person. Then suddenly love is no longer such an insincere and longingly hoped for experience, but the real spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling (Empfindung) of one’s own mental effort.

So fine, thus satisfying and energizing it permeates the whole person, and once extensively making progress, the person will take it on willingly to work on himself, namely to maintain this love, to extend and nurture it. For himself, but also for Creation. The love is not unfathomably deep, it is immense power which never slept, active since ancient times, and immeasurably abundant and logic-laden. Love flourishes splendidly in all beings, in animals and flowers in the fields, in humans, in words and also in singing, and forever it will permeate the world. Love will continuously be the purpose of existence and all-timely it is given in logic.

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