The human being has something in his/her spirit-consciousness and in his/her material consciousness that fundamentally first makes them into the human being, so namely, their rationality, their intellect, their sageness and their morals. All these factors together one names RATIO. If now the word RATIO is employed in the future in the study material instead of intellect, rationality, morals and sageness, etc., then you know what is meant by it. Therefore the factor ratio is not only to be found in the spirit, but even also in the material area of the consciousness-form. The main task of the ratio embodies itself in remedying damaging arising ideas, so they can not reach into the focus of the attention. It fulfils this task as long as it is in an awakened state. It means that it is able to function fully and correctly as long as it is not deadened by any influences, so for example, through hypnosis, hallucinogens and alcohol, and so on and so forth, which are able to partially or completely turn off the ratio. The ratio is developed differently with each human life-form. This is because through the external and internal education and through the entire Earth-life and experiencing it is made into that, what it is.

Source: http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Ratio

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