Being Creational

Being Creational

~ Lorence Juguilon


Being Creational live in love, peace, freedom, joy, harmony and full of eland and have certainty about the Truth/Reality about the laws and recommendations of Creation. No amount of hardship, unpeace, failure, pain, and challenges will ever take him down but always succeed and triumph in life.


Being Creational embraces the polarity of life Negative and Positive and translates in total balance and neutrality, by then the true evolution can achieve.


Being Creational live as fragments of Creation a minute part of the Universe and never adherent to any gods, tin gods, creator, holy ones, angels, fake gurus, but himself/herself is his/her lord and master, the Creator of his/her destiny and life.


Being Creational honoured the Creation and never misuse it. Acknowledge that all energies (dense and pure) originate from Creation itself. He/she knows also how to love the Creation with all his might and power and never put himself/herself as above or below to other creations but all are in equal value.


Being Creational live a daily life of festivity and knows how to value it. Every day he/she must live with balance and neutrality become alive in the spirit. Fulfil the laws and recommendation of Creation with great loyalty, unbiased, and Clear toward his/her Spiritual Evolution.


Being Creational maintain its bond to Creation never break from it. This life, or even in the next life (Reincarnation) he/she always adhere to his laws and recommendations and make an effort to fulfil it as he/she is live ONE with Creation.


Being Creational is never playing with Creation laws and recommendations because it is embedded in his/her Consciousness. rather always make an effort to listen to the 

innermost to the “Neutral positive translator”, by then you will act toward your evolution and Creation’s evolution.



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