Q&A excerpt with Billy Meier – Special Teaching

Is it true that humans have more than one life?

Yes, it is correct. Humans are subject to the law of reincarnation; therefore, they are born again. This also applies to all other life forms that have a consciousness and an evolving spiritual form. Therefore, when human beings die, their spirit form leaves their physical bodies in the present realm and crosses over to the spirit realm of the Beyond, where the spirit form rests and learns until it is able to reincarnate into another material body. The purpose of having reincarnation and countless lifetimes is to allow both the human spirit form – which is part of Creation – and the all-encompassing consciousness to evolve to the point where together they enter and become one with Creation, which itself evolves at the same time.

This constant process of reincarnation facilitates the evolution of the person’s spirit and comprehensive consciousness, from which the individual’s real personality and real consciousness originate. Many lives are needed and so are reincarnations, respectively, rebirths, to bring the spirit to its maximum capacity of knowledge, wisdom, harmony, etc., so that later it can reach the highest perfection possible, relatively speaking. It would be absolutely impossible to develop the spirit, or spirit form, to such a level of relative perfection in just a single lifetime. In fact, many millions of lives and reincarnations are needed to reach this goal of perfection. Just breaking free from the physical human body to enter the purely bodiless spirit world takes humans somewhere between 60 and 80 billion years – which is six to seven times longer than Earth scientists claim the age of the universe to be.

Something else must be clarified: absolutely erroneous and inaccurate are those visions and teachings that affirm and declare that the human being is capable of reincarnating as an animal, for example. The fact is that humans are always reborn as humans because of the Creational particle within each of them that is capable of evolving. Humans, therefore, can never reincarnate as animals or anything else, except as human entities; and more, as a rule, they always do so according to their race, although, of course, it is possible for deviations to occur. But such events only occur under special circumstances. However, solving these problems now would take a lot of time. Likewise, animals can never be reborn as humans because the spirit form of animals is not focused in that direction nor is it intended to evolve into knowledge and wisdom, as is the case with human spirit forms or spirit, respectively.

Source: http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Interview_with_Billy_(1998)

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