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Goblet of the Truth

Welcome to the “The Goblet of the Truth” The Book of the entire Prophets The Goblet of truth is without any doubt “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier’s greatest work and outstanding effort on bringing Earth mankind the NON-corrupted, NON-manipulated, NON-religious teaching of truth, teaching of spirit and teaching of life.The book contains the teachings of all the seven prophets, namely:1.Henoch […]

A Little Bit of Knowledge, Sense and

If the life is viewed and considered in all its situations and variations, then it can berecognised that life means a constant struggle, a continuous careful study of one’s owninnermost (self) and outer self. The innermost self, which exists in the deepest consciousness,reflects the values of the creational spirit, but in opposition to that, the […]

Forms of Evolution

Forms of Evolution Creation evolution Spirit-energetical evolution of Creation   Conscious evolution of the consciousness Only the human being evolves by means of the conscious evolution of the consciousness   Instinct evolution Life-forms of animals and other creatures   Impulse evolution Adaptation evolution, respectively, assimilation evolution Plant life-forms Energy evolution Transformation evolution, respectively, conversion evolution      […]

Q&A excerpt with Billy Meier – Special Teaching

Question:Is it true that humans have more than one life? Answer:Yes, it is correct. Humans are subject to the law of reincarnation; therefore, they are born again. This also applies to all other life forms that have a consciousness and an evolving spiritual form. Therefore, when human beings die, their spirit form leaves their physical […]